Full-Stack Software Engineer

Great company culture drives innovative engineering performance that thrills customers. Censinet is a collaborative working environment where we listen to everyone and encourage our team members to take chances that help create breakthrough products. We’re an energetic group that enjoys working together and delivers ongoing value to our customers. Our mission is to take the risk out of healthcare, and it begins and ends with people and the user experiences we create for them.

Censinet seeks engineers who demonstrate great attention to detail and express an ongoing desire to improve everything they do. In this role, you’ll work closely with Product Management, Design/UX, and QA to bring ambitious and disruptive product features to life.

Engineers at Censinet are involved in the entire lifecycle of feature development. Our work begins with customer brainstorming sessions and detailed design reviews. We then collaborate with Product Management to craft the most effective and efficient solutions to address customer needs. Finally, after feature delivery, we analyze the usage and efficacy of deployed solutions, iterating until we’ve arrived at the ideal user experience.

To succeed in this role, you must be:

  • Enthusiastic about learning new skills and improving existing ones
  • Able to communicate effectively and work independently because the team doesn’t subscribe to micromanaging work
  • Eager to understand our customer workflows, needs, and deployments
  • Capable of anticipating challenges when reviewing requirements and designs
  • Committed to automated unit and integration testing and refactoring
  • Passionate for building thoughtful, customer-focused interfaces


  • Scope and develop features and functionality
  • Propose methods to solve problems more effectively and efficiently
  • Actively engage in code and design reviews
  • Share opportunities to improve team workflows and processes
  • Identify technical debt
  • Contribute innovative features and solutions to the product roadmap
  • Help onboard new team members

Example Projects

  • Given requirements and a design/mockup, develop React components to display performance metrics and charts in our UI, and develop the accompanying back-end API endpoint, classes, and tables to store/query for the source data.
  • As a feature delivery team member, devise and develop a state machine that models the lifecycle of a risk assessment, allowing users to manage reviews, approvals, and feedback on the assessment, and capturing an audit trail for posterity.
  • Develop a series of “checkups” that capture production data anomalies in real-time. Configure checkups that run at custom intervals, depending on the mission-criticality, and, when possible, incorporate self-healing capabilities.


  • 1+ years of experience with Ruby on Rails
  • 1+ years of experience with modern JavaScript frameworks, with React preferred
  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, SQL, and Git
  • Optional proficiency with one or more of the following: TypeScript, GraphQL, healthcare IT, cybersecurity

Contact us with any questions.

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