“The service and support is absolutely the best I think I’ve ever worked with, and you can tell they are striving to create a product that fills all needs and do so elegantly enough for users to be engaged effectively and efficiently.”

“Censinet is miles and miles beyond for effectiveness and efficiency already with what is included in the offer, and as reporting, integrations and other tools continue to be added it just keeps getting better.”

“The tool itself and the design have allowed us to better streamline our assessment processes and gain much more consistency in our results.”

“The product works well and isn’t difficult to implement; it can help bootstrap a new Risk organization.”

“Censinet will help you mature your risk management program.”

“The digital workflows within Censinet save our Risk team a great deal of time by distributing data gathering work onto 3rd parties.”

“Their customer service is top notch and will actively work with you and your vendor contact to ensure that your needs are met.”

“Risk assessment made easy.”

“Overall use of the Censinet platform is very easy to use and straight forward.”

“The workflows Censinet offers are substantially better than traditional and ad-hoc systems when managing risk assessments.”

“The streamlined workflow is a must that allows small shops to operate efficiently and effectively.”

“Censinset is a fantastic tool for our Governance, Risk, and Compliance team. The platform is easy to use and provides great insight to the vendor’s security posture as well as the security of their product/service.”

“Censinet as an organization is a great partner. Their team collaborates with their clients in product and feature design. They respond timely to questions and concerns, especially in troubleshooting issues.”

“I have had a brilliant experience using this tool for 16 months now. It saves a lot of time because it is automated which helps in assessing the risk more often and in a better way.”

“They have truly been a strategic partner and engaged us in the design and development of the product. We found no similar product on the market.”

“Censinet has provided our organization with an effective security assessment platform. We like most the community based aspect of the platform and that it is specifically targeted at Healthcare companies.”

“Great user experience and most of all the Censinet team was amazing at developing the necessary workflows that worked for our team. The tool enhances our risk assessment process by engaging the vendor and internal parties directly.”

“The workflow has been the most helpful. Reduced our overall work effort, reduced time to complete assessment, and helped with streamlined questionnaires which improved our effectiveness.”

“It’s a pleasure to work with Censinet. They are customer focused, listen, and take appropriate action to make sure the solution is providing value to your organization. Helps reduce variation in our processes, contributing to more consistent deliverables and quality of risk assessments.”