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11 Secrets TPRM Solution Vendors Won’t Tell You

The operational objective to “do more with less” is more relevant today than ever before. But what does this actually mean? The healthcare industry has invested more on security programs and tools over the last 10 years. However, as a percentage of IT budgets, health systems are spending a lot... READ MORE

Defensive is Expensive!

Overcoming Anxiety for Fast and Fruitful Risk Assessments Do your risk assessments often feel like an uphill battle? Vendor cybersecurity questionnaires have straightforward goals: Get on the same page regarding risk, work together to address concerns, and finish out the procurement process. Risk... READ MORE

How health organizations can effectively manage third-party risk

Why is there so much interest in third-party risk management going into the year 2020? There’s been a lot of incidents with regards to third parties, both directed third parties and other third parties, tertiary folks. And in the healthcare space, third parties are a critical avenue in the... READ MORE

Third-Party Vendor Risk Management in Healthcare

One of the realities I’ve seen is that the healthcare CIO is largely a vendor manager. I’ve grown that view a bit to include the management of people, but that’s the majority of a CIO’s job. Manage the people that work for the CIO and manage the vendors that work with their organization.... READ MORE

Separating Yourself from Your Peers

The OCR portal on breaches shows that more individuals were impacted by breaches in the first half of 2019 than all of last year. With trend lines continuing to rise, it is crucial that healthcare providers understand risk vulnerabilities in order to better manage assessment processes and reduce... READ MORE

Censinet – Taking the Risk Out of Healthcare

Today, the biggest risks to patient care come from disruptions or downtime to clinical applications and medical devices caused by cyberattacks such as data breaches and ransomware. The Department of Health andHuman Services Office for Civil Rights has received notices of data breaches from more... READ MORE

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