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2022 Changes the Rules for Healthcare Vendors

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET, Zoom
Healthcare information and clinical leaders can no longer take the chance of not effectively evaluating the cybersecurity posture of the vendors who serve them, no matter if it’s in the procurement process or during a newfound re-assessment process. The burden, however, is not solely on the providers: in 2022, the vendors need to take a more proactive part in the healthcare cybersecurity narrative. According to healthcare CISOs, there’s no longer a pass for vendors who can’t comply.
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Securely Accelerating Innovation in Healthcare Delivery

12:00 PM ET, Zoom
The healthcare industry is adopting new digital health solutions at a record pace as delivery organizations look to improve quality of care, enhance the patient experience, expand patient safety initiatives, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. For better or worse, the pandemic has accelerated the demand for innovation both within healthcare delivery organizations and among those vendors who service them. However, the past 18 months have also shown the increasing vulnerability of all parties involved in patient care. This situation needs to change. Innovation and cybersecurity risk shouldn’t be a zero-game. Especially now. Our panel will discuss how they balance these benefits and risks while securely accelerating innovation in their organizations.
  • Evaluating and prioritizing which innovation is right for your organization.
  • Understanding the diligence necessary to assess the benefits and risks of implementing new solutions, particularly those involving partners.
  • Priming your organization to deploy innovation effectively and to attain benefits as quickly and securely as possible.
  • Prioritizing the steps vendors need to take to accelerate deployments and amplify innovation while ensuring the protection of patient care, data, and healthcare operations.
  • Determining the types of ongoing monitoring necessary for tracking meaningful changes to risk for innovative solutions along with any remediations.
  • Evaluating your organization’s cyber posture, especially now that the majority of those innovations are now digital.
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Webinar: Ponemon Research Shows Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare Delivery Organizations Can Lead to Increased Mortality Rate

12:00 PM ET
Censinet commissioned the Ponemon Institute to independently ascertain to what degree COVID-19 impacted how HDOs protect patient care and patient information from increasing virulent cyberattacks, especially ransomware. Ponemon surveyed 597 IT and IT security professionals in HDOs. The powerful findings should be of interest to all healthcare IT cybersecurity and risk management leaders, from the CIO down to the risk analyst. Hosted by two healthcare IT risk experts – Dr. Larry Ponemon and Ed Gaudet – this webinar interprets the study results and shares the best practices of those organizations that successfully counter ransomware in the time of COVID-19.
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Changing Risk Boundaries in Healthcare – Strategic Considerations for the Next 5 Years, featuring Forrester

12:00pm EST: ONLINE
Healthcare CIO's, CISOs, and risk management professionals should be looking five years into the future to steer their fast-paced and innovative health systems successfully. Many key trends will amplify strategic and digital risks to care delivery, transforming risk management’s core responsibilities in healthcare. This webinar outlines these global business and technology trends and their long-term implications while helping healthcare leaders better prepare for the potential impacts to patient care and safety over the next five years.
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A Strategic Plan to Modernize Cybersecurity in Healthcare

12:00pm EST: ONLINE
KLAS, a healthcare research and insights firm, and Censinet, the leading provider of healthcare IT risk solutions, are strategic partners on a joint mission to improve cybersecurity preparedness in healthcare. Please join Adam Gale of KLAS Research and Ed Gaudet of Censinet as they discuss their breakthrough work in taking the risk out of healthcare.
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