Censinet Third-Party Vendor Risk Management Software Platform

Censinet fundamentally redefines the way vendor risk is managed in healthcare. Unlike other solutions, Censinet not only streamlines and simplifies workflows, but also standardizes risk questions with breadth and accuracy of risk ratings. Only Censinet was developed exclusively by and for healthcare providers, which makes Censinet the first and only Collaborative Cloud Platform for Third-Party Vendor Risk Management.

Cloud Technology

Censinet is a cloud-based platform for vendor risk management, built exclusively for healthcare providers and the third-party vendors across their supply chain.

Risk Mitigation

Cyber security, privacy and regulatory requirements mandate that every healthcare provider identify, assess, monitor and mitigate risks caused by third-party vendor products or services.


We save money and time by automating inefficient risk management workflows which rely on spreadsheets, emails and phone calls, and reduce risks with real-time monitoring and alerting.

Overthrow the third-party vendor risk management status quo in healthcare.