How Supply Chains benefit from Censinet

Censinet facilitates supplier terms based on vendor risk profiles.


How Clinicians benefit from Censinet

Censinet facilitates fast and safe acquisition of clinical software and networked devices that enable care delivery.


Censinet Third Party Vendor Risk Management Benefits Across the Healthcare & Life Sciences Network

Product Questionairre

Censinet connects healthcare providers and vendors seamlessly and accurately manages third-party risk in real-time. Built exclusively for healthcare, Censinet enables efficient collaboration with peers that face the same challenges and understand the unique requirements, complexities and nuances of the healthcare industry. Best practices are not only documented but continually tested, enhanced and improved upon to ensure consistent, relevant and lasting results. By participating in the Censinet Collaborative, you’ll leverage and share relevant experiences with the world’s leading healthcare professionals – together, we can achieve our mission of removing supply chain risk in healthcare.

Healthcare System Users and Benefits

Censinet fundamentally redefines the way third-party vendor risk is managed in healthcare. Unlike other solutions, Censinet not only streamlines and simplifies workflows, but also standardizes risk questions with breadth and accuracy of risk ratings. Only Censinet was developed exclusively by and for healthcare providers, which makes Censinet the first and only Collaborative Cloud Platform for Third-Party Vendor Risk Management.
Healthcare System Users and Benefits | Information Technology

Information Technology

With Censinet, IT can efficiently and effectively:

  • Facilitate cyber security and other third-party vendor risk across the health system.
  • Manage risk-based obligations (actions/dates) assigned to third-party vendors.
  • Adapt quickly to scenarios outside of standard procurement process.
  • Facilitate risk coordination across the health system.
Healthcare System Users and Benefits | Supply Chain

Supply Chain

With Censinet, Supply Chain can efficiently and effectively:

  • Negotiate better terms with vendors based on risk transparency.
  • Report and analyze risk across all third-party vendors in real-time.
  • Facilitate the overall reduction of third-party vendor risk management across the supply chain.
Healthcare System Users and Benefits | Legal & Compliance

Legal & Compliance

With Censinet, Compliance and Legal can:

  • Manage metrics through better visibility into risk.
  • Streamline contract processes with fewer iterations to agreements (BAA, SLA, ASP, etc.) and other terms and conditions (e.g. limited liability).
  • Leverage standard frameworks and regulatory requirements.
Healthcare System Users and Benefits | Clinical


With Censinet, Clinicians can quickly and easily:

  • Acquire clinical software applications, medical devices and other tools.
  • Provide visibility into continuous operations and recovery time from outages before it affects patient care.

Third-party Vendor Users and Benefits

Censinet redefines the way third-party vendors manage Healthcare Provider requests for risk assessments. Unlike manual processes led with spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls, Censinet provides a complete, end-to-end platform for risk management with standardized questionnaires and responses that may be shared with a single Provider or the network of Providers. With Censinet, vendors can update their data in real-time as their risk profile changes.
Third-party Vendor Users and Benefits | Sales


  • Streamlines the process for managing RFPs.
  • Eliminates unnecessary steps in the sales process by completing the questionnaire process one time.
  • Increases velocity and effectiveness of sales process.
Third-party Vendor Users and Benefits | Products


  • Streamlines responses to RFPs or other sales-related product requests.
  • Coordinates customer-generated product obligations that affect roadmap or delivery schedules.
  • Increases visibility into required product capabilities, overall risk and win/loss correlation.
Third-party Vendor Users and Benefits | Security and Technology

Security and Technology

  • Streamlines communication of technology, architecture or security information requests for RFPs.
  • Manages architectural diagrams and other technical documentation centrally.
  • Increases visibility into technical issues and security risks for a given customer.
Third-party Vendor Users and Benefits | Legal and Finance

Legal and Finance

  • Facilitates contract process and legal negotiations.
  • Manage legal documents such as contracts, T&Cs, BAA, ASP, and SLA centrally.
  • Increases visibility into contractual issues and legal risks.

Overthrow the third-party vendor risk management status quo in healthcare.