The Critical Role of Vendors in Healthcare

The transition to digital health and other strategic healthcare initiatives has rapidly elevated the importance of and increased the number of vendors, suppliers, and service providers in the patient care value chain. Unfortunately, such growth expands the cybersecurity attack surface, making providers more susceptible to data breaches, operational fracture, and disruption to clinical care. To help mitigate these risks, Censinet, the leading provider of healthcare IT risk solutions, created the vendor program to establish the healthcare risk standard of excellence for cloud, software, hardware, medical devices, and services firms. It builds a foundation upon which providers and third parties who serve them can quickly, effectively, and scalably implement necessary critical safeguards.

Censinet Is The Cybersecurity Partner and Platform for Healthcare Vendors

Healthcare vendors can expect an extraordinary level of commitment and partnership from working with Censinet, our RiskOps platform, our world-class collaborative risk network. To facilitate a more detailed assessment of your cybersecurity maturity, please reach out to us, and we’ll demonstrate how we can better position you with your providers and your vendors.