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Perspectives on Healthcare Cybersecurity Risk from Industry Leaders and Analysts

Webinar on Demand: HICP Transforms Healthcare Cybersecurity Risk Management

The publication of the HHS 405(d) Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP) in 2019 outlines a healthcare-specific approach to cybersecurity. It was developed by the HHS in partnership with organizations across the healthcare industry and is designed to provide “practical, understandable, implementable, industry-led, and consensus-based voluntary cybersecurity guidelines to cost-effectively reduce cybersecurity risks” for “healthcare organizations of varying sizes.” To achieve this, HICP focuses on the five most prevalent cybersecurity threats and ten cybersecurity practices that address those threats. This webinar, featuring healthcare CISOs, explains how to implement HICP and why it’s so important.
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Webinar on Demand: Understanding and Addressing Risk Factors in the Healthcare Supply Chain

Leading healthcare CIOs, CISOs, and risk management professionals are now applying risk management best practices that they've used for software and medical devices to their supply chain cybersecurity programs. Compared with technical products such as those managed by IT and biomed, the non-technical products that comprise the healthcare supply chain are also critical to patient care and often include 10X the number of products and services. According to the FBI, the healthcare supply chain is more frequently a target of sophisticated attacks because of the large number of participants and their limited cybersecurity capabilities. This webinar explains why the supply chain team is under a significant amount of pressure and how leaders can move quickly while managing many risks during the procurement process. Two experts will explain how actionable risk insights can help supply chain managers and business owners align to business objectives and manage difficult trade-off decisions in real-time such as inventory availability, fraud reduction, safety, and supplier redundancy which are invaluable during a crisis.
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Webinar on Demand: The Impact of Ransomware on Healthcare During COVID-19 and Beyond

Over the past 18 months, Censinet witnessed a significant rise in the number of Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDOs) coming to the company after ransomware attacks and other cybersecurity incidents. Even though the company works with HDOs across the country to identify, analyze, and manage risk across healthcare IT, supply chain, institutional review boards, and more, it saw an unusual pattern of attacks and wanted to look more deeply into contributing factors. Censinet commissioned the Ponemon Institute to independently ascertain to what degree COVID-19 impacted how HDOs protect patient care and patient information from increasing virulent cyberattacks, especially ransomware. Ponemon surveyed 597 IT and IT security professionals in HDOs. Hosted by two healthcare IT risk experts - Dr. Larry Ponemon and Ed Gaudet - this webinar interprets the study results and shares the best practices of those organizations that successfully counter ransomware in the time of COVID-19.
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KLAS and Censinet Present: A Strategic Plan to Modernize Cybersecurity in Healthcare

KLAS, a healthcare research and insights firm, and Censinet, the leading provider of healthcare IT risk solutions, are strategic partners on a joint mission to improve cybersecurity preparedness in healthcare. In this on-demand webinar, two leading thinkers in healthcare cybersecurity share their vision and 5 fundamental steps of what we need to do as an industry to make substantive and effective change.
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Changing Risk Boundaries in Healthcare – Strategic Considerations for the Next 5 Years, featuring Forrester

Healthcare CIO’s, CISOs, and risk management professionals should be looking five years into the future to steer their fast-paced and innovative health systems successfully. Many key trends will amplify strategic and digital risks to care delivery, transforming risk management’s core responsibilities in healthcare. This webinar outlines these global business and technology trends and their long-term implications while helping healthcare leaders better prepare for the potential impacts to patient care and safety over the next five years.
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11 Secrets Risk Solutions Vendors Won’t Tell You

Many third-party risk management (TPRM) solutions still use outdated thinking. You’ll still be stuck with many of the same problems, even if you get faster, if you don’t start thinking differently. Here’s what most of your solution providers won’t tell you about their automation solutions. Break out of the box! Don’t just get faster with the same limits. Set new expectations for what is possible. Become 100% risk aware and assess ALL your vendors, not just ones you thought you had to prioritize.
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How Healthcare Organizations Can Effectively Manage Third-Party Risk

Stephen Wellman of HIMSS TV interviews Jigar Kadakia, Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer of Partners Healthcare, and Ed Gaudet, CEO of Censinet, about how healthcare organizations can effectively manage third-party risk.
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Best Practices for Third-Party Risk Management

Are your IT and security teams struggling with limited resources, expanding cloud-based networks, and ineffective assessment tools when it comes to managing third-party risks? As data security compliance standards evolve to keep pace with the growth of threats, it is essential for healthcare organizations to maintain industry best practices. Hear from your security and IT peers at leading healthcare facilities across the country as they describe their experience transitioning to a cloud-based third-party risk management platform built exclusively for healthcare. After evaluating and comparing a variety of solutions, these top executives decided Censinet was the best platform on the market.
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CHIME CIO Panel Video: Managing Threats to Patient Care Through Third-Party Risk Management

In this video, Ed Gaudet, CEO and founder of Censinet, moderates a panel of CIOs from leading healthcare providers – Baystate Health, Cedars-Sinai Health System, and Dell Medical School at UT Health Austin. The panel features discussions about the current third-party risk landscape and how it’s impacting the healthcare industry. Panelists provide real-world examples of how they engage with third-party vendors and speak to the current technologies that they have in place for managing vendor risk assessments.
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Webinar on Demand: The Economic Impact of Third-Party Risk Management in Healthcare

Censinet and the Ponemon Institute teamed up to conduct a survey of 554 healthcare IT and security professionals who are involved in managing their organizations’ vendor risk management programs and the results not only quantified known challenges but also uncovered vast hidden organizational costs. Watch our recorded webinar for a deep dive into the research data and a discussion of best practices.
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