Leading healthcare CIOs, CISOs, and risk management professionals are now applying risk management best practices that they’ve used for software and medical devices to their supply chain cybersecurity programs. Compared with technical products such as those managed by IT and biomed, the non-technical products that comprise the healthcare supply chain are also critical to patient care and often include 10X the number of products and services. According to the FBI, the healthcare supply chain is more frequently a target of sophisticated attacks because of the large number of participants and their limited cybersecurity capabilities.

This webinar explains why the supply chain team is under a significant amount of pressure and how leaders can move quickly while managing many risks during the procurement process. Two experts will explain how actionable risk insights can help supply chain managers and business owners align to business objectives and manage difficult trade-off decisions in real-time such as inventory availability, fraud reduction, safety, and supplier redundancy which are invaluable during a crisis.