The Cyber Criminals are Well-Coordinated. Is The Healthcare Industry?

Recently, the Wall Street Journal issued a scathing exposé on the risk vulnerabilities of hospitals across the country, reporting 235 facilities hit and more than $100 million in ransomware paid.

These attacks are well-coordinated, so why aren’t we? Shouldn’t we? Wouldn’t we be Stronger Together?

Cyber Attacks 1600

We recently polled a group of healthcare CIOs and CISOs with the following question: which approach has the greatest impact on cybersecurity across the healthcare industry? Their choices were:

  • Individual investments by hospital/health systems
  • Peer Benchmarking and Sharing of Best Practices
  • Sharing of Vulnerability Data
  • Leveraging a Network of Providers to Remediate Risk

While all of the choices are important, it’s not surprising that the majority of CIOs and CISOs selected Leveraging a Network of Providers to Remediate Risk.

Unfortunately, simple budget increases and staffing changes do not go far enough.

Many of us have been sharing peer benchmarking data and best practices for years. And data sharing consortiums such as ISACs are more necessary than ever.

But these alone are not enough. We have to act differently.

What can we do together as peers to effectively and economically counter these well-orchestrated threats against us? How can we work together as providers and with our vendors and suppliers to share information and actions that collectively improve our risk posture and ultimately foster a more secure and productive healthcare ecosystem?

It’s time to take the necessary steps to leverage a network of peers to proactively remediate cyber risks and protect patient care. Stronger Together enables us to construct risk-based strategies that leverage peer remediations, best practices, and intelligence to counter cyberattacks to patient care.

At Censinet, our vision is to take risk out of healthcare — through transparent collaboration, we become “stronger together” in the fight against cyber attacks as an industry. To join the Censinet “Stronger Together” Network, schedule a 30-minute consultation with our team.

The Healthcare Industry is Responding.


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