This session will be held on Wednesday, January 26, 2022, at 12:00 PM ET. You’ll receive a calendar invite and viewing details after registration. Can’t make this one? We’d be happy to schedule you for a future Healthcare Vendor CISO Hour, so please let us know. For questions or other information, please email Censinet’s Rob Ciampa at or don’t hesitate to call him at (617) 286-6785. 

Healthcare vendors and suppliers should look at ways to steer their fast-paced and innovative health systems successfully. Many key trends will amplify strategic and digital risks to care delivery, transforming risk management’s core responsibilities in healthcare. This private meeting explores and debates these global business and technology trends and their long-term implications while helping healthcare leaders better prepare for the potential impacts on patient care and safety over the coming years.


2022 Changes the Rules for Healthcare Vendors

Last year represented the perfect storm for healthcare providers: the disruptive impact of COVID-19 to clinical and information technology teams; the escalation and horrific impact of more virulent cyberattacks, including ransomware; and the increase of third-party vendors to support digital health initiatives. According to the leading healthcare research firm, Ponemon Group, improper assessment, and integration of third parties resulted in operational disruption and impacted – with life-threatening consequences – patient care.

Many healthcare providers were ill-equipment to assess and reassess their critical third parties properly. Again, according to Ponemon, this predicament forces many healthcare business leaders to bypass the assessment process entirely, further expanding the attack surface for cyberattacks.

Now, healthcare information and clinical leaders can no longer take the chance of not effectively evaluating the cybersecurity posture of the vendors who serve them, no matter if it’s in the procurement process or during a newfound re-assessment process. The burden, however, is not solely on the providers: in 2022, the vendors need to take a more proactive part in the healthcare cybersecurity narrative. According to healthcare CISOs, there’s no longer a pass for vendors who can’t comply.

This private meeting for third-party healthcare vendors explores and debates how changing business and risk trends upend “business as usual.”

  • Understanding the healthcare cybersecurity assessment process in 2022
  • Prioritizing cybersecurity requirements without shutting down your product development
  • Streamlining the assessment process all providers without impacting your staff


Dan Bowden

Chris Logan, Senior Vice President, and Chief Security Officer, Censinet

Chris has more than 25 years in IT operations and strategy. Previously he was Director Global Healthcare Industry at VMware, where he helped healthcare clients achieve their strategic outcomes by implementing the company’s industry solutions. Before VMware, Chris was the Chief Information Security Officer for Care New England Health System located in Providence, RI. His role was to provide security and technology leadership and enable positive business outcomes for the organization and its partners. He has also worked in security leadership roles at Lifespan Corporation, Century Bank, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and served in the United States Marine Corps. Chris is also a professor at Providence College in their school of business, where he provides instruction to graduate students on the management of technology and operations and service management.

His current areas of focus are:

  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Vendor Risk Assessment and Management
  • Cybersecurity Industry Standards
  • Building risk management team within healthcare providers, vendors, and suppliers
  • Ransomware and continuity planning