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Censinet RiskOps™

Protect patient safety from cyber threats with Censinet RiskOps™

Censinet HDOs Icon

HDOs continuously mitigate cyber risk

  • Complete risk assessments significantly faster for 100% of third parties across the entire lifecycle
  • Leverage network model to drive greater scale, real-time risk visibility, and cyber program maturity
  • 100+ provider/payer facilities on Censinet Risk Network
Censinet Risk Data Icon

Vendors securely share risk data

  • Complete standardized questionnaires just once and 1-Click share with an unlimited number of customers
  • Easily update information in Cybersecurity Data Room™ as risk posture changes or improves
  • 40K+ vendors and products in the Digital Risk Catalog™
Censinet Collaborative Capabilities Icon

Collaborate to drive risk transparency

  • Share completed security questionnaires with “out-of-network” organizations thru Censinet Connect™
  • Monitor cyber risk of 4th Party organizations, e.g., cloud services providers
  • Vendors assess third-party risk of their own vendors
Censinet RiskOps Graphic

Censinet’s unique network model and purpose-build automation significantly accelerates cyber risk mitigation

Censinet 1 Click Sharing Icon

1-Click Sharing
Vendors complete questionnaires, upload evidence just once and share instantly in a single click with unlimited customers

Censinet Continuous Risk Visibility Icon

Continuous Risk Visibility
Vendors easily keep risk data and evidence current, up-to-date in Cybersecurity Data Room™

Censinet Digital Risk Catalog Icon

Digital Risk Catalog™
40,000+ vendors and products on Censinet Risk Network, already assessed and risk-scored

Censinet Workflow Automation Icon

Workflow Automation
Significantly speeds up assessments and remediations, enabling 100% risk coverage across lifecycle

Censinet Active Portfolio Management Icon

Active Portfolio Management
Breach alerts, risk tiering, and reassessment automation across the entire third-party portfolio

Censinet Reduce Risk Graphic Icon

Manage a longitudinal risk record across your entire third-party portfolio and continuously reduce risk

Censinet Continuous Risk Visibility Icon

Cybersecurity Data Room™
Access the most up-to-date risk data and create a longitudinal risk record

Censinet Standardized Questionnaire Graphic

Standardized, Curated Questionnaires
Drive unprecedented visibility and align to best practice frameworks and recognized security practices

Checkmark Graphic

Automated Risk Scoring
Residual risk ratings automatically calculated and updated in real-time based on changes in vendor risk data

Censinet Risk Flags Icon

Risk Flags & Filters
Alerts for missing evidence (e.g. BAA) and portfolio-wide filters for known exploits (e.g. log4j)

Automated Corrective Action Icon

Automated Corrective Action Plans (CAPs)
Recommended remediations with in-platform tracking and assignment ensures comprehensive risk mitigation

Healthcare Cyberrisk Workflows

Drive faster, better risk remediation with automated corrective action plans

Ensure risk exposures aren’t missed
Automatically surface security gaps based on questionnaire responses

Negotiate remediations inside platform
Eliminate back-and-forth with vendor through antiquated tools like emails and spreadsheets

Track remediations to full closure and mitigation
Assign and track remediations with vendors to ensure comprehensive risk mitigation

Drive enterprise collaboration
Assign remediations to internal stakeholders and subject matter experts

Establish a longitudinal risk record
Document all CAP and remediation activity for audits and security incidents

Censinet Automated Corrective Action Screenshot

Unique portfolio management capabilities enable faster management of changes in vendor risk posture

Censinet Curated Questionnaire
Delta-Based Reassessments
  • Automatically directs risk assessors to changes in questionnaire responses
  • Reduces reassessment completion time down to less than 1 day, on average
Censinet Breach Alert
Portfolio Breach & Ransomware Alerts
  • Breach and ransomware notifications for all vendors in your third-party portfolio
  • Eliminates need to research disparate news sites or purchase additional feeds
Censinet Tier Setttings
Risk Tiering & Reassessment Scheduling
  • Tier all third parties based on potential business and clinical impact, PHI exposure
  • Automatically schedule reassessments based on risk tiers (e.g., Critical/High annually)

Get total risk visibility with actionable insights under a single pane of glass

Engage the Board on Cyber Risk
Communicate cyber risk posture and progress to the Board in intuitive, non-technical terms

Take Targeted Action on Risk
Leverage actionable insights on overdue remediations, missing evidence, open risk exposures

See Portfolio Residual Risk
See a live view of residual risk across entire third-party portfolio and drill-down into key drivers

Monitor Nth Party Risk
See current risk concentration across Nth Parties, including cloud providers

Censinet RiskOps Dashboard Screenshot
Censinet Risk Assessment Request Graphic

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Do you want to revolutionize the way your healthcare organization manages third-party and enterprise risk while also saving time, money, and increasing data security? It’s time for RiskOps.

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