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Third Party Risk

Cybersecurity isn’t just about protecting data, it’s about protecting people’s lives

Cyber Risk is Patient Safety Risk

A 2022 Ponemon Institute report, sponsored by Censinet, asked 500+ IT/Security professionals “What impact did the ransomware attack at your organization have on patient care?”

Advanced cyberattacks like ransomware now represent a direct threat to patient care and patient safety.

Censinet Patient Mortality Icon
increase in patient mortality
Censinet Medication Delays Percentage
delays in receiving medication
Censinet Medical Procedures Percentage
increase in complications from medical procedures
Censinet Delayed Procedures Percentage
poor outcomes from delayed procedures & tests
Censinet Length of Stay Percentage
longer length of stay
Censinet Patient Transfer Percentage
increase in patient transfers or facility diversions
Censinet’s mission is to take the risk out of healthcare to protect patient safety.

Modernize third-party risk management with Censinet

Censinet RiskOps™ is a cloud-based risk network that enables seamless, secure collaboration between healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) and third-party vendors to assess, monitor, and mitigate the cyber risks that threaten patient safety.

Censinet makes the entire risk assessment process significantly faster and easier for both HDOs and healthcare vendors. With unique, purpose-built automation, Censinet eliminates the manual, costly, and time-consuming processes that currently plague third-party risk management. With Censinet, HDOs can assess, manage, and mitigate risk across all of their vendors, while vendors can reduce the risk assessment workload down to a single click.

Censinet Cybersecurity Infographic
Censinet Risk Assessment Request Graphic

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Do you want to revolutionize the way your healthcare organization manages third-party and enterprise risk while also saving time, money, and increasing data security? It’s time for RiskOps.

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