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Supply Chain

Broader supply chain more frequently targeted than health IT

Hackers see suppliers as the “path of least resistance”

According to The Healthcare Cybersecurity Benchmarking Study, Supply Chain Risk Management ranks last in maturity across all of the 23 NIST CSF Categories in HDO cybersecurity programs.

At HDOs, the number of suppliers can outnumber Health IT vendors by ten times (10x) and FBI data shows these suppliers are more frequently targeted by hackers due to their less mature cyber controls. Not surprisingly, the largest healthcare breach in 2022 was a hacking incident at a printing & mailing company, affecting 2.7 million people and 37 HDOs.

What’s worse, legacy third-party risk management solutions fail to capture the full scope of risks the Supply Chain represents, including financial, operational, legal, regulatory, privacy, subcontractor, and international risks.

Censinet Suppliers Infographic
Capture and mitigate the full scope of supply chain risk with Censinet

Censinet RiskOps for Supply Chain

Censinet Dedicated Assessments Icon
Dedicated assessments for products with or without operational impact
Censinet Automated Ingestion Icon
Recommendation engine that prioritizes the assessment questionnaire type most applicable to the supplier’s product(s)
Censinet Questionnaire Icon
Curated questionnaires for non-technical suppliers to capture full scope of risks, including:
  • Financial and corporate structure to ascertain solvency and viability
  • Access to PHI, PII, and PCI along with usage rights and protections
  • Utilization of subcontractors and the processes used to manage them
  • Use of international vendors, how they’re managed, and data offshoring
  • Legal and regulatory exposure obligations and any outstanding litigation
  • Operational resiliency and business continuity plans, policies, and procedures
Censinet Assessment Icon
All standard Censinet assessment features, including:
  • Automated Risk Ratings and Summary Risk Reporting
  • Automated Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) with remediation tracking
  • Remediation Assignment to Internal SMEs (e.g., Procurement)
  • Built-in Evidence Capture and Centralized Digital Inventory
Censinet Supply Chain Graphic

Supply chain risk is just as big as a threat as health IT

The biggest healthcare breach of 2022 was driven by a printing and mailing supplier, not a health IT vendor. Censinet enables HDOs to inventory, assess, and mitigate risk across the full supply chain, including "non-technical" vendors.

Censinet Supply Chain Risk Chart
Censinet Risk Assessment Request Graphic

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Do you want to revolutionize the way your healthcare organization manages third-party and enterprise risk while also saving time, money, and increasing data security? It’s time for RiskOps.

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