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Research & Clinical Trials

Protect sensitive human subject data during research and clinical trials

Manage risks to research data, PHI, and sensitive data to comply with regulatory requirements

There are several risks and threats to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of research data in healthcare, including:

  • Inadequate data security that results in IRB data that is not properly encrypted, making it susceptible to unauthorized access or disclosure
  • Weak access controls, unpatched software, or lack of proper risk assessments can lead to breach of electronic research data via hacking, malware attacks, or ransomware
  • Physical breach such as stolen or lost laptops or portable storage devices containing IRB data
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Protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of research data with Censinet

Manage risks to research data, PHI, and sensitive data

Regular risk assessments, audits, and oversight by IRBs can also help identify and address potential vulnerabilities in research data management. Failure to comply with regulatory requirements and guidelines, such as those outlined by ethics committees and IRBs may result in legal consequences and reputational damage. Censinet enables IRB and IT/Security teams to manage risks to research data, PHI, and other sensitive data. Key Censinet capabilities include:

Identify risks to research and clinical trial data
  • Assess the specific risks to patient data associated with research
  • Curated questionnaires for regulatory requirements and guidelines
  • Built-in evidence capture for documentation, policies, and certifications
Automated action plans to close gaps and protect sensitive data
  • Auto-generate Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) and recommended remediations
  • Assign to SMEs internally, set priority, and track progress to ensure closure
  • Track live view of progress and relative performance against peers
Use assessment findings to implement robust research security measures
  • Train staff on appropriate research data handling procedures
  • Ensure data encryption and strong access controls
  • Conduct regular data backups and implement business continuity plans
  • Adhere to ethical guidelines and regulatory requirements
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