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Cyber Risk Research and Insights for Healthcare Leaders

Solution Brief: Making the Case for Risk Transformation in Healthcare

Healthcare IT, security and risk leaders must embrace five key business case elements to secure the funding needed to transform their cybersecurity programs
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Solution Brief: Measuring What Matters for Cybersecurity in Healthcare

Patient safety and care disruption are now in the cross-hairs of cyber attackers, leaving many healthcare leaders to wonder whether their organizations are truly prepared when an incident occurs. Healthcare leaders must be able to actively track, measure, adjust, and improve progress and effectiveness of their cybersecurity program.
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Solution Brief: 4 Steps to Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity in Healthcare

The father of corporate leadership, Peter Drucker, said that “culture eats strategy for breakfast” meaning that an organization’s culture is not only stronger than any single strategy, it determines the ultimate success of the enterprise. Regardless of an organization’s cybersecurity strategy or program, if employees don’t embrace it as part of the culture, the odds of success are very low.
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Solution Brief: From Server Room to Operating Room: Today’s Cyber Risk is Enterprise Risk

More than ever, healthcare providers rely on software technology, connected devices and a third-party ecosystem of vendors and suppliers to deliver high-quality care to patients. However, patient safety and care operations are under an ever-increasing risk of cybersecurity attacks and incidents.
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