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Mergers and Acquisitions

Growing through mergers and acquisitions often means growing overall risk exposure

M&A can introduce potential hidden cyber risks

According to a study from University of Texas at Dallas, merging hospitals double their chances of experiencing a data breach the year before a merger and a year after an agreement is made. This could include:

  • Data security risks due to the consolidation of large amounts of patient data (PHI), financial data, and other sensitive and confidential information
  • Gaps and vulnerabilities from disparate IT systems and unpatched applications which can result in unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • Employees not properly trained on cybersecurity and privacy policies and procedures such as how to safeguard patient safety
  • Compliance risks related to regulations such as HIPAA
  • Blending of EHR and IT systems that may be incompatible and increased media attention on the hospitals that grabs hackers' attention
Censinet Mergers and Acquisitions Infographic
Surface hidden cyber risks during mergers and acquisitions with Censinet

Take the risk out of strategic growth and M&A

  • Conduct regular security assessments and audits to identify and address new security risks as they arise including due diligence to identify potential infrastructure and data vulnerabilities
  • Close gaps and align security plans that include consistent policies, procedures, and technical controls to protect against data breaches and other security incidents
  • Develop a culture of security awareness and training to ensure that all employees are aware of their responsibilities and understand the importance of protecting sensitive data
  • Ensure that all systems and applications are regularly updated and patched to address known vulnerabilities
Censinet Mergers and Acquisitions Graphic
Censinet Risk Assessment Request Graphic

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