Security Assessment Process Increasingly Outdated, Overwhelming

As breaches and liability continue to escalate, it’s no secret that healthcare vendors are mired in an overwhelming amount of security questionnaires. Decelerating the sales cycle and consuming an ever-increasing amount of time and resources, vendors are stuck inside an antiquated process where every customer has their own questionnaire for vendors to respond to and manage. Frustration compounds as most questionnaires are essentially asking the same questions – a problem that seems ripe for standardization and automation given limited resources. Yet, meaningful automation still remains largely elusive throughout the entire security assessment process: from responding to customer questionnaires to documenting internal risk controls, it all still feels like (very expensive) manual labor. What’s worse, the current approach ultimately distracts your organization from spending time on what’s most important: improving the actual risk posture of the enterprise and its products.

Vendor Assessment Image

Moving To A Modern, Fully-Automated Risk Management Solution

Censinet moves vendors from this intractable status quo to a holistic risk management solution that maximizes automation and efficiency throughout the security assessment process – re-accelerating the sales cycle, driving meaningful cost reduction, and reducing overall enterprise risk.

  • Our standardized questionnaire – based on NIST CSF 1.1, HIPAA, and best practice controls and frameworks – is filled out only once for your organization and each product
  • With our unique 1-ClickTM capability, your completed questionnaire and relevant evidence can be shared an unlimited amount of times with both prospective targets and current customers
    We automatically provide Corrective Action Plans before sharing with prospective customers, identifying best-practice policies, procedures, and controls you can take to improve your overall risk posture
  • Like a cybersecurity data room, your current questionnaire can be updated as your security posture changes, and we give you complete control over when, where, and with whom you share your responses
  • Automation helps efficiently evaluate established internal controls against known best practice, as well as the management process of your own third parties, saving time and boosting compliance with known security frameworks
  • Censinet significantly speeds up the security assessment process, from >45 days to <10 days on average

Turning Cybersecurity into a Competitive Advantage

Many vendors made significant cybersecurity and risk management investments over the last decade, but are they getting the risk management recognition they deserve? Does it translate into a competitive advantage on the commercial front? As cyber risk increasingly becomes core selection criteria by customers, Censinet offers vendors a way to realize recognition and return on investment in cybersecurity.

Via the Censinet–KLAS Research “Cybersecurity Transparent” Initiative, Censinet supports vendors seeking to capture competitive differentiation from their security posture and pulls forward the security conversation earlier in the sales cycle:

How It Works:

  1. Vendor completes the Censinet questionnaire for each relevant product, which is then scored and evaluated against our remediation engine
  2. Vendors can view their cybersecurity maturity rankings and opt-in to post publicly on the KLAS website at
  3. Vendor product receives “Cybersecurity Transparency” badge for website and branding
  4. Vendors can proactively share completed questionnaires with current and prospective customers on the Censinet network as requested

Realize Unique Advantages:

  • Drive differentiation versus competitors. Your “Cybersecurity Transparent” badge shows prospective customers that you represent relative lower-risk than competitors with greater cybersecurity maturity
  • Pre-empt the typical disorganized & inefficient assessment process. Introducing this messaging “upstream” in the sales process will allow prospective customers to get a detailed assessment view in less than 24 hours from the Censinet RiskOps platform
  • Shorten the distance to assessment completion and sales close. Tracking clarifications or proposed remediations through Censinet significantly reduces the time required to complete the overall risk assessment process