Censinet Takes Risk Out of Healthcare

Censinet helps organizations address risk across their business, including: vendors and third parties, patient data, medical records, research and IRB, medical devices, supply chain, and more. Censinet’s flagship offering, Censinet RiskOps, is an integrated platform of services built upon a collaborative risk network of more than 27,000 vendors and products covering the healthcare industry. We have created a “network effect” by allowing all participating providers, payers, and vendors to jointly benefit from shared assessment data. In addition, they access vital information to drive automated workflows for third-party risk management and create actionable insights.

Collaborative Risk Network

Censinet RiskOps enables IT, supply chain, business, and clinical leaders to quickly visualize issues and take action on the risk to any process, resource, product, or technology under management across 400,000 unique data points through its powerful command center. For the first time, Censinet RiskOps empowers healthcare C-level executives and their organizations to find and eliminate risks sooner. This rapid identification delivers the following benefits: it ensures better contracting terms, coverages, and remediation obligations, reduces the impact of a data breach and ransomware, and enables rapid and complete recovery from service disruptions or supply chain outages.

Trusted by Leaders in Health IT

Censinet is trusted by many of the leading healthcare organizations to manage risk and smaller regional groups that historically lacked the resources and skills to combat today’s cyber attacks effectively. Now with Censinet RiskOps and its collaborative risk network backing them up, all healthcare organizations can reduce their attack surface in a matter of days with their existing teams. And we can prove it. That’s what a purpose-built risk solution for healthcare does. Recently, KLAS, the leading healthcare research and IT insights firm, selected Censinet RiskOps as the de facto platform for the Cybersecurity Transparent program, the first industry-wide program to measure and counter vendor risk in the payer and provider communities.

Censinet RiskOps dramatically reduces cybersecurity risk in healthcare by helping providers, payers, and vendors achieve amplified expertise and coverage through the network effects of its collaborative risk network. The Censinet RiskOps Command Center then makes it real. No more spreadsheets. No more overburdened staff. No more unnecessary risk.