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Censinet Testimonials


Hear from your peers about how Censinet is transforming cybersecurity and risk management at their organization every day!

Censinet Aaron Miri

Aaron Miri, Baptist Health

Censinet RiskOps enables us to automate and streamline our IT cybersecurity, third-party vendor, and supply chain risk programs in one place. Censinet enables our remote teams to quickly and efficiently coordinate IT risk operations across our health system.
Censinet JD Whitlock

JD Whitlock, Dayton Children’s Hospital

We rely on Censinet to assess the risk of our enterprise and third parties… Additionally we leverage the KLAS Cybersecurity designation to identify secure products and services for purchase. Seven vendors, three with cyber green checks (and at least a good customer rating). Guess which 3 we are looking at?


Censinet Erik Decker

Erik Decker, Intermountain Health

Leveraging Censinet adds significant value to our overall cybersecurity and risk programs. Censinet portfolio risk management and peer benchmarking capabilities will provide additional insight into our organization’s cybersecurity investments, resources, and overall program and help us identify process, resource gaps, and investment opportunities.
Censinet George Carion

George Carion, Cedar-Sinai Health System

Censinet One™ is a fabulous and essential resource for health systems struggling to keep up with the growing demand for enterprise risk services. Based on shifting resources and workforce capacity, this model gives us the flexibility to seamlessly respond to a change in the volume of risk assessments we perform in-house and leverage Censinet’s managed services team as needed – with the same overall efficiency and effectiveness.
Censinet Greg Garneau

Greg Garneau, Marshfield Clinic Health Systems

Recent ransomware attacks on critical healthcare suppliers have been a wakeup call for the industry, driving the importance for cyber resiliency of our vendors and third-party products. After evaluating many different risk solutions, we chose Censinet for its ability to solve significant pain for us across the third-party risk management process, ensuring we maximize the protection of patient safety and care delivery.
Censinet James Case

James Case, Baptist Health

We chose Censinet because of its simplicity, productivity, and the opportunity to join their risk network, which provides a unique approach to managing third-party risk. Censinet will enable us to streamline our assessment workflows, substantially reduce assessment completion time, and allow us to respond more quickly to potential threats. When transparency is increasingly important, we believe Censinet will make it easier to effectively communicate our third-party risk management performance at the operational and Board levels.

Risk Analyst

Censinet Dave Harvey

Dave Harvey, Panda Health

Cyber risk is now a key purchasing benchmark in healthcare, and our partnership with Censinet ensures healthcare organizations procure and deploy the safest digital health technologies across the care continuum for the full life of the solution via our marketplace.


Censinet Will Ogle

Will Ogle, Senior Director of Risk and Compliance at Nordic Consulting

We looked at many different solutions, and we chose Censinet because it was the only solution that enabled our team to significantly scale up the number of vendors we could assess, and shorten the time it took to assess each vendor, without having to hire more people.
Censinet Dave Cook

Dave Cook, CEO at InsiteOne

InsiteOne is honored to achieve Cybersecurity Transparent status and delighted to demonstrate our cyber maturity to the broader healthcare industry. We are proud to be working with Censient and KLAS Research to put cybersecurity at the top of the agenda when it comes to innovation adoption and implementation.
Censinet Patrice Wolfe

Patrice Wolfe, CEO at AGS Health

Maintaining our Censinet & KLAS Cybersecurity Transparent designation is an important demonstration to our customers that their trust in us is not misplaced.
Censinet Rob Rhodes

Rob Rhodes, Vice President at iatricSystems

Vendor risk management is critical to the security posture of a healthcare organization. We’ve all seen instances where exploitation of a vendor’s network has caused major problems for hospitals. We want our customers to understand that we take cybersecurity very seriously and believe transparency in this regard shows the value of being good partners with our clients. As someone with a background in cybersecurity, in both education and earning several cybersecurity certifications over the years (CISSP, HCISSP), I make security a top priority for iatricSystems. As innovators, we choose to lead rather than follow in our efforts to advance cybersecurity and transparency.
Censinet Bob Dupuis

Bob Dupuis, SVP of Operations and Information Security at Arcadia

With cyberattacks and other healthcare data breach incidents at an all-time high, it is critical for us to demonstrate to our clients and the market our unwavering commitment and continued investment in cybersecurity to protect providers and patients. We are grateful to KLAS and Censinet for offering these programs that improve the overall risk and security profile for healthcare IT solutions and services by driving greater trust and transparency to thousands of healthcare providers.
Censinet Sudhakar Monanraj

Sudhakar Mohanraj, Founder & CTO at TRIYAM

TRIYAM has always focused its attention on customer needs. In this day and age of rampant cyberattacks, data security is more important than ever. By achieving #1 in Data Archiving previously and now an excellent score in Data Security, it is evident that we are a top-class vendor and that we are devoted to satisfying our customer’s needs.
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