Cyber attacks. Data breaches. Ransomware incidents. All these challenges jeopardize effective patient care while inflicting operational and economic damage to healthcare providers and their partners. The irony? All this keeps occurring despite significant investments in cybersecurity programs by health systems. And still, the healthcare industry lacks transparency into cybersecurity preparedness, regardless of critical rules and regulations meant to
protect it. And that’s a significant problem.

In December of 2020, KLAS and Censinet announced an important partnership to help healthcare IT vendors and services firms improve their overall risk and security profile and provide greater transparency to thousands of healthcare providers. In May 2021, after many high-profile cyber attacks, the White House issued an executive order on improving the nation’s cybersecurity. And recently, KLAS and Censinet released the first deliverables from the partnership, introduced the “Cybersecurity Transparent” designation, and established a major plan to Modernize Cybersecurity in Healthcare.

In this on-demand webinar, two leading thinkers in healthcare cybersecurity share their vision and 5 fundamental steps of what we need to do as an industry to make substantive and effective change.


Adam Gale, KLAS Research

President and Co-Founder of KLAS Research. Adam thrives on creating transparency in the healthcare world. He has worked with hundreds of healthcare provider professionals, listening to the successes and challenges along their journey and shining a light on opportunities to improve. He also consults with executives from hundreds of healthcare technology vendors and services firms, ranging from emerging technology solutions to market giants. Adam’s research focuses on core clinical and financial systems and everything in between (patient engagement, population health, ERP, etc.). Adam is a HIMSS Fellow with more than 20 years of healthcare experience and frequently speaks at HIMSS, CHIME, and more.


Ed Gaudet, Censinet

CEO and Founder of Censinet. With more than 30 years of software experience across various executive leadership, product, marketing, and sales roles, Ed has spent the last ten years helping healthcare providers modernize and automate their cyber risk and security infrastructure. Before starting Censinet, Ed was CMO and General Manager of Imprivata, a leader in trusted digital identity for healthcare delivery organizations. Ed is a member of the HHS CISA 405(d) Cybersecurity Working Group and various Health Sector Coordinating Council task groups for Cybersecurity, Supply Chain Risk Management, Medical Technology Contracts Language, and Emerging Technology.