About the report and research

The Ponemon Institute surveyed 597 health delivery organizations (HDOs) for this report, including integrated delivery networks, regional health systems, community hospitals, and more. The Ponemon Institute conducted the research, analyzed the results, and produced the report. Ponemon is one of the top independent research firms for the healthcare industry. It was 100% independent. Censinet had no role in the research and did not have access to or know any of the participants.

Why this report was commissioned

  • Censinet witnessed a significant rise in the number of HDOs coming to the company after ransomware attacks or other cybersecurity incidents.
  • The rise of attacks appeared to be correlated with the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Much of the coverage of healthcare cybersecurity and ransomware issues was not focusing on the impact on patient care.
  • The company was also looking for additional correlation with the rise in third-party entities that are now integral parts of the patient care process.

Read the research report to find key results including:

  • Ransomware is leading to increased patient deaths. Nearly ¼ of the survey participants reported an increase in mortality rates. Ransomware is typically discussed in terms of economic (ransom and lost revenue) and operational (clinical changes) impact, but now we have the third piece: mortality.
  • COVID has reduced HDOs confidence in mitigating the risks of ransomware. 61% of HDOs lack the confidence to combat ransomware, up from 55% before COVID.
  • HDOs are under siege from ransomware attacks. 67% of HDOs have been victims of ransomware attacks, while 33% have been hit twice or more.
  • The number of third parties contracted with HDOs is growing at an extraordinary rate of 30% annually to 2,541, up from 1,950. 43% have access to protected health information (PHI), putting HDOs at additional risk for both data breaches and ransomware.