The Censinet RiskOps™ Platform automates risk management and operations in healthcare organizations to bring together previously siloed departments and teams. It creates a unified organizational view of risk that facilitates coordinated action among all groups, dramatically reducing both the likelihood and business impact of breaches, malware, ransomware, and more.

“Censinet RiskOps enables us to automate and streamline our IT cybersecurity, third-party vendor, and supply chain risk programs in one place. Censinet enables our remote teams to quickly and efficiently coordinate IT risk operations across our health system.”

-Aaron Miri, SVP, Chief Digital & Information Officer at Baptist Health


Purpose-built for healthcare, Censinet RiskOps is an integrated platform delivered on a cloud-based exchange and available through both a state-of-the-art user experience and an open application programming interface (API). Censinet RiskOps extends pre-built, automated workflows for third-party risk management (TPRM) and turns risk data into actionable insights. Read the RiskOps announcement here.

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Full Compliance with Healthcare Industry Standards

Censinet RiskOps leverages healthcare industry standards (NIST CSF, ISO, HIPAA, and more) and best practices to reduce risk and drive productivity gains across a networked community of clinical and business process owners, suppliers, affiliates, researchers, and other strategic partners. Healthcare coverage areas include clinical, regulatory, cybersecurity, research, and supply chain.

The RiskOps Command Center is the core of the Censinet platform. It provides a real-time operations dashboard for managing enterprise risk and an intelligent workflow and analysis engine to deliver AI-driven evidence analysis, predictive modeling, crowdsourced intelligence, and peer benchmarking. Platform data collection services enable rapid intake, assessment, and analysis of risk data.

Censinet Covers More Healthcare Vendor and Products than Anyone

Censinet’s continually expanding digital catalog now includes more than 9,500 assessed worldwide vendors, including over 22,000 products and services. It also provides automated risk ratings and corrective action plan generation to streamline the identification and remediation of risks across several pre-built risk workflows which support clinical and business use cases.

With the Censinet RiskOps command center, clinical and business leaders, supply chain managers, and IT professionals consolidate all data and actions required to remediate business risks under a single, unified view for the health system: process owners, agreements, contractual obligations, investments, resources, impact, intake questionnaires, supporting evidence, external certifications, inherent and residual risk ratings, findings, remediations, scheduled reassessments, and more.

CEO & Founder, Ed Gaudet, Discusses the Censinet RiskOps Philosophy


Leveraging Risk Management for Better Operations and Care

Additionally, Censinet RiskOps enables IT, business, and clinical leaders to quickly report and take action on the risk to any process, resource, product, or technology under management across 400,000 unique data points. For example, an IT risk analyst can respond to the CISO’s request to see all vendors and products with access to protected health information (PHI) but without an active Business Associate Agreement (BAA). Censinet RiskOps enables the organization to find risks sooner, ensuring better-contracting terms, coverages, and remediation obligations; reducing the impact of a data breach or other incident; recovering quickly and completely from a service disruption or supply chain outage.

Unlike other integrated risk tools, Censinet RiskOps takes a lifecycle approach to assessing, identifying, and remediating enterprise risks. People, process, partner and product risks are continuously managed and controlled versus a single point-in-time assessment. For example, health systems manage thousands of vendors’ products and services. With Censinet RiskOps, the risk of a cloud-connected medical device can be easily accessed and remediated out of the box when purchased;  during implementation and configuration; throughout usage; after upgrade or maintenance events such as new versions or security patches; and through the eventual sunset or termination of the system. Censinet RiskOps enables health systems to create long-term vendor partnerships, resulting in fewer vulnerabilities, reliable patching, and better performance and compliance overall. Risk moves from a tactical “blocker” to a strategic “enabler” in the business.

Censinet Chief Product Officer, Paul Russell, Explains the Censinet RiskOps Platform