Cybersecurity Preparedness for Healthcare Innovators

The healthcare industry is ripe with innovative startup companies helping change the future of patient care and so much more. And there are some great programs including:

  • KidsX – bringing together the top children’s hospitals and talented digital health companies to build, test and deploy software solutions to make pediatric care exceptionally effective, safe, efficient, and convenient for children and families.
  • Cedars-Sinai Accelerator – transforming healthcare quality, efficiency, and care delivery by helping entrepreneurs bring their innovative technology products to market.
  • MassChallenge HealthTech – Accelerating innovation and transforming healthcare by helping high-impact digital health innovators with evidence-based training and establishing partnerships with industry-leading champions.

For each of these healthcare innovation startups, Censinet accelerates their go-to-market by removing the time, costs, and effort of security assessments while amplifying their cybersecurity posture early in the development cycle. The initiatives will increase the number of opportunities to work with healthcare providers and help ensure that there are no compromises to patient care. Censinet:

  • Accelerates the adoption of innovation by removing the time, costs, and effort of security assessments.
  • Serves as a security assessment and validation layer between early-stage innovators and providers.
  • Provides guidance, support, and remediation plans that meet security standards and requirements.
  • Supplies education and training on developing policies, procedures, and a security roadmap that helps prioritize investments.
  • Censinet provides a final completed assessment report which includes ratings across risk areas, subdomains, and corrective actions.
  • Innovation Program provides Censinet with referrals and awareness through public relations and social media.

Censinet is dedicated to providing digital health innovators with an effective set of tools, strategic guidance, and best practices that significantly reduce risks to regulated data, care operations, and patient safety,” said Ed Gaudet, CEO and Founder of Censinet. “We’re excited about healthcare innovators and our mutual mission of creating a secure and productive healthcare ecosystem.”

HIPAA regulations require third-party vendors to complete ongoing cybersecurity assessments, often conducted manually using inefficient and ineffective tools such as spreadsheets. This flawed assessment process often delays the purchasing and procurement process and frequently proves ineffective at remediating healthcare IT risks. Censinet will help MassChallenge HealthTech leverage a much more powerful and effective framework for healthcare risk assessments. This capability will enable the cohort companies to collaborate with their communities of digital health leaders to build effective security programs that effectively manage cybersecurity risk.

Censinet provides qualified healthcare startup companies with free access to its Cybersecurity Risk Accelerator Program. This educational initiative includes best practices, policies, procedures, and controls for managing risk, along with complimentary access to Censinet RiskOps™, a cloud-based platform that integrates cybersecurity and enterprise risk management with operations for healthcare.