The Business of Risk is Business

Risk is not a technical issue. Risk is not a process issue. Risk is not a resource issue.

Risk is a business issue. The business of risk is business.
A business runs on vision, mission, values, strategy, execution.
The lifeblood of business is culture. Transparent. Thriving on ​trust​. Culture eats strategy. All. Day. Long.

And the healthcare industry is no different, except that the stakes are higher. The escalating onslaught of data breaches, ransomware, and medical devices attacks is proving that out. Isn’t it about time we change our approach to managing risk? That’s what RiskOps is about. And what about the means to make RiskOps work for healthcare? That’s what Censinet RiskOps is about.

RiskOps is a new framework and set of practices for effectively addressing IT risk. Censinet RiskOps is our implementation RiskOps into a platform that addresses the unique demands of healthcare.


Digital Health Elevates Patient Care and Risk

With the explosion of digital health, virtually every part of the patient journey involves a third party — scheduling and registration, EMR and connected medical devices during a stay, telemedicine, digital apps for follow-up and chronic care, and billing and consumer-related apps the back-end.

Care operates in a culture of risk. Triage code. Risk code. Risk the side effect for the cure. Every second saves more heart muscle. Information is the “heart muscle” of healthcare. Every second counts.

  • When protecting patient privacy;
  • When treating a virus;
  • When diagnosing cancer;
  • When saving a sister; when saving a brother.

Cyber risks threaten the heart muscle of care. Cyber risks threaten patient data.
Cyber risks threaten care operations.
Cyber risks threaten patient lives.

Continuously​. Day & Night.

Risk never sleeps. It hides patiently in infusion pumps, quietly lurks on hospital networks and in the cloud, and says good morning at the end of every shift. Risk doesn’t take a vacation. Or call in sick.

But we can’t protect what we can’t see. To fight risks, we need transparency​. Transparency is the enemy of risk.  RiskOps

Protecting this innovative, digitally-enabled patient care requires a new set of tools. Health care needs a process as agile and dynamic as its partners.  The path to managing cybersecurity and minimizing data breaches and ransomware requires rewriting how we conduct and manage risk assessments, assembling correct device and data inventories, facilitating risk-reducing change management, and working across departmental boundaries. On top of IT, adding BioMed, supply chain, research and IRB, and GRC to complicate the risk equation, all while managing your ecosystem with understaffed teams and limited healthcare-specific tools only makes the hill higher to climb.

Introducing RiskOps

To effectively cover the increasing cybersecurity risk exposure to healthcare providers and vendors, Censinet brought together two critical functions – risk management + operations – into the RiskOps framework, which is proving to be the most effective antidote yet to the cybersecurity maladies of data breaches, ransomware, medical devices attacks, and so many other threats.

DevOps radically changed how we managed development.

SecOps radically changed how we managed security.

RiskOps is changing how we manage risk.

To learn more about Censinet and our ongoing work with the healthcare risk community, please visit ​Censinet RiskOps.