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August 2023

Censinet Newsletter August 2023

Taking the Risk Out of Healthcare

As we navigate through a year marked by significant technological challenges, the healthcare sector finds itself grappling with an alarming rise in cyber threats.

Recently, Prospect Medical Holdings fell victim to one of the largest ransomware attacks in years, affecting more than 170 facilities across several states and crippling essential medical services.

The exploitation of the MOVEit vulnerability by Russian ransomware group Clop continues to breach major institutions, including Johns Hopkins and Harris Health System.

Meanwhile, hospitals face double the odds of a data breach during mergers & acquisitions, as a University of Texas at Dallas study reveals. To add to the financial woes, Point32Health reported a staggering $102.7 million operating loss for the first half of the year, mainly attributed to an April ransomware attack. These alarming incidents underline the escalating cybersecurity risks within healthcare, emphasizing the urgent need for robust security measures and vigilant risk management.

Join us as we continue to explore and confront these critical challenges, staying ahead of the curve in protecting our vital healthcare systems and information.

Cyber Safety is Patient Safety

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Protect Patient Safety

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