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Censinet Launches Censinet Connect™ to Increase Cyber Risk Transparency, Accelerate Digital Health Innovation Adoption

New Product Enables Healthcare Vendors to Quickly and Easily Share Cybersecurity Risk Data with Any Customer, Reducing Risks and Shortening Purchasing Cycles

NASHVILLE, TN – VIVE 2023 CONFERENCE – MARCH 27, 2023 – Censinet, the leading provider of healthcare risk management solutions, today announced Censinet ConnectTM , a new product for third-party vendors and suppliers to improve cyber and enterprise risk transparency and accelerate the purchasing of digital health innovations into healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) and other healthcare organizations.  Censinet ConnectTM enables healthcare vendors to easily and quickly share completed security questionnaires with prospective customers early in the sales cycle, raising the bar for overall risk transparency while significantly accelerating the purchase process.

“We’re excited to deliver Censinet Connect to help healthcare vendors further speed up the risk assessment process and shorten the sales cycle,” said Ed Gaudet, CEO and Founder of Censinet. “While more than 11,000 vendors with 24,000+ products and hundreds of HDOs on the Censinet risk exchange already benefit from instant 1-Click Assessment sharing, Censinet Connect creates a new innovation for vendors to quickly and easily share completed security documentation with healthcare organizations outside of the Censinet network.”

Censinet ConnectTM enables healthcare vendors to create secure containers called data pods with completed security questionnaires and all supporting documentation (e.g., SOC2, Certificate of Insurance, data flow diagrams, etc.), and then easily share those data pods with prospective customers as early as possible in the sales process. Censinet Connect is designed to eliminate the problems that frustrate healthcare IT/Security leaders and vendors alike during the purchasing process, namely: (1) security questionnaires are not standardized, yet all of them essentially ask the same questions and require the same documentation; (2) the entire process is time-consuming, highly manual, and conducted through antiquated tools, and, as a result; (3) the entire risk assessment process is often started too late, takes too long to negotiate, and can significantly slow down the acquisition of digital health innovation. With Censinet Connect, both sellers of products and services and healthcare buyers can take back control of the risk assessment process – so that risk assessments are started early in the purchasing and sales process; are easy, automated, and scalable; and, ultimately, are negotiated and completed before contracts are signed.

“As providers face increasing cyberattacks, the security review process has become a larger, more critical, and more complicated part of the sales process,” said Taylor Rohrberger, Chief Growth Officer at PerfectServe. “With Censinet Connect, my security team and I can get ahead of the process and kick off the risk assessment process as early as possible – expediting sales and avoiding potential delays down the road.”

Censinet ConnectTM is available now and the Company is demonstrating Censinet Connect at ViVE 2023 in booth #2152, March 26-29, 2023 in Nashville, TN at Music City Center. To connect with Censinet at the show, please email or stop by the booth. Learn more about Censinet Connect and request a demo at:

About Censinet

Censinet®, based in Boston, MA, takes the risk out of healthcare with Censinet RiskOps, the industry’s first and only cloud-based risk exchange of healthcare organizations working together to manage and mitigate cyber risk. Purpose-built for healthcare, Censinet RiskOpsTM delivers total automation across all third party and enterprise risk management workflows and best practices. Censinet transforms cyber risk management by leveraging network scale and efficiencies, providing actionable insight, and improving overall operational effectiveness while eliminating risks to patient safety, data, and care delivery. Censinet is an American Hospital Association (AHA) Preferred Cybersecurity Provider. Find out more about Censinet and its RiskOps platform at

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