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Censinet Launches Customer Community For Sharing Of Cyber Risk Management Best Practices in Healthcare

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BOSTON, MA – August 30, 2023 – Censinet, the leading provider of healthcare risk management solutions, today announced launch of Censinet Community, an exclusive knowledge-sharing platform for Censinet customers to exchange best practices and insights, stay up-to-date on product innovations and industry news, and get technical support and helpful tips to maximize the experience, efficiency, and effectiveness of Censinet RiskOpsTM. In addition, Censinet Community users will have the opportunity to contribute their thoughts and advice, collaborate with other cybersecurity and risk professionals, and draw on expert insight and advice from Early Adopters of the RiskOps platform.

“Censinet Community is a value add from a vendor that already adds value. The Censinet Community on-line portal gives us an easy way to share insights, ask ‘how do you handle this?’ questions, and learn the nuances of the program directly from peers,” said Terry Grogan, CISO of Tower Health. “Censinet’s commitment to  a collaborative customer environment will enable us to advance our overall risk management program, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this.”

“The Censinet Community will be an invaluable resource to us,” said Greg Garneau, CISO at the Marshfield Clinic. “It’s a dedicated space where we can both share our expertise and learn from others, helping us optimize our risk management efforts in real-time. The Community will not only enhance our experience with the platform but has already enabled us to develop meaningful relationships within the healthcare cybersecurity ecosystem.”

Censinet Community offers the following opportunities for Censinet customers to access, share, and contribute:

  • User Tips – Helpful tips and techniques for maximizing the Censinet RiskOps experience, e.g. best practices for faster vendor on-boarding, writing effective Summary Risk Reports for management, or the best ways to leverage Peer Benchmarking to identify critical gaps in security controls.
  • Industry News – Up-to-date cybersecurity news, reactions from industry experts, and subject matter expert advice for managing emerging trends or new cyber threats.
  • Support – Assistance and guidance on specific features and functionality in the RiskOps platform, e.g. customizing Summary Risk Reports and Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) for faster, more effective workflow and risk mitigation.
  • Exclusive Community Podcasts – Monthly “Risk Never Sleeps – Community Edition” podcasts with Censinet customers available to Community members only. Hosted by Censinet CEO and Founder Ed Gaudet, the “Risk Never Sleeps – Community Edition” podcast features industry veterans and visionaries sharing personal stories and professional insights in candid conversations.
  • Events – Updates on Censinet user groups, networking events, webinars, and meetups. Connections with fellow attendees, active discussions, webinar replays, and feedback sharing with event organizers.
  • Product – The latest on Censinet product updates, release notes, and bug fixes. Includes user-driven feature wishlists and “suggestion box”, new product ideas sourced from the community, and high-level product roadmap updates.
  • The Lighter Side – Censinet Community’s special corner to unwind, relax, and engage in a delightful mix of hobbies, games, music, movies, and intriguing industry facts.

“Censinet Community is a critical pillar in the Company’s mission to take the risk out of healthcare by fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among Censinet customers,” said Ed Gaudet, CEO and Founder of Censinet. “From CISO to cyber analyst, Censinet Community is a place where all stakeholders can develop meaningful connections with peers, contribute to the conversation, and get the most out of their partnership with Censinet.”

To learn more about Censinet Community, contact

About Censinet

Censinet®, based in Boston, MA, takes the risk out of healthcare with Censinet RiskOps, the industry’s first and only cloud-based risk exchange of healthcare organizations working together to manage and mitigate cyber risk. Purpose-built for healthcare, Censinet RiskOpsTM delivers total automation across all third party and enterprise risk management workflows and best practices. Censinet transforms cyber risk management by leveraging network scale and efficiencies, providing actionable insight, and improving overall operational effectiveness while eliminating risks to patient safety, data, and care delivery. Censinet is an American Hospital Association (AHA) Preferred Cybersecurity Provider. Find out more about Censinet and its RiskOps platform at

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