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Censinet Risk Never Sleeps Podcast Surpasses 1,100 Downloads, Launches Video Episodes on YouTube

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With Over 700 Unique Listeners, New Episodes Now Released Each Week Featuring Industry Veterans and Visionaries Protecting Patient Safety from Cyber Threats

BOSTON, MA – JULY 25, 2023 – Censinet, the leading provider of healthcare risk management solutions, today announced the Risk Never Sleeps Podcast has surpassed 1,100 downloads in five months since launching in mid-February 2023 and will release new episodes each week throughout the rest of the year. In addition, full video episodes and clips, highlighting the most thought-provoking and fun moments from various episodes, will be available each week on the Censinet YouTube channel. With over 700 unique listeners, the Risk Never Sleeps podcast is hosted by Ed Gaudet, CEO and Founder of Censinet, and celebrates the people who protect patient safety from cyber threats every day across the healthcare industry. Currently, 16 episodes are now available for download and streaming on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher, and all major podcast streaming platforms.

“I’m delighted to hit this important milestone for the Risk Never Sleeps podcast which is based on a unique format and approach,” said Ed Gaudet, CEO and Founder of Censinet. “Listener response to the Risk Never Sleeps podcast program has been so overwhelmingly positive that we’re increasing the release frequency and expanding our reach. Our listeners will enjoy new episodes with practical insights, never-heard-before stories, and life-changing experiences from the most forward-thinking people in the healthcare industry.”

Focusing on cybersecurity and the broader innovations and issues that impact people’s lives across healthcare, the Risk Never Sleeps podcast goes behind the scenes with its guests in candid conversation to explore the professional insights as well as the personal stories and interests of industry veterans and visionaries.

On the subject of robots and artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, Aaron Miri, SVP and Chief Digital and Information Officer at Baptist Health, provided his thoughts in the episode titled Driving Top-Line Growth Through Digital Transformation in Healthcare: “We’re the first health system in Florida to deploy Moxi robots side-by-side with caregivers, getting clean linens, food, blood. It does all the utility things that would have nurses running between floors – and it works. It’s effective, sterile, and it’s made for healthcare.”

Switching to AI, Aaron speculated on its future potential in healthcare: “I think it’s a game-changer. Right now, we can’t create and graduate doctors and nurses fast enough. So if I can accelerate their knowledge and shrink the amount of time to get value from new graduates by enabling them with an assistant like ChatGPT…I can make that ten-year graduate now a four-year graduate with just as much knowledge, if not better.”

The Risk Never Sleeps podcast has also pushed the boundaries of media when it was the first podcast to host and interview ChatGPT, the most popular artificial intelligence chatbot. In the episode titled AI Advice for CISOs, ‘Chat’ opined on its own potential value to healthcare: “A CISO can use a language model like me to complement their security program in the following ways: Automating repetitive tasks – this can free up time for security teams to focus on more complex, strategic tasks; Providing quick and accurate information – this can be valuable during incident response; Generating reports and enhancing communication – I can help facilitate communication and collaboration between security teams and other stakeholders, such as executives, business units, and customers.”

The Risk Never Sleeps Podcast is available in both audio and video formats, and episodes are released weekly. Upcoming episodes in 2023 include:

  • 7/26 – Greg Garcia, Executive Director of the Health Sector Coordinating Council
  • 8/2 – Howard Scott Warshaw, The Silicon Valley Therapist and Atari game ‘ET’ designer
  • 8/9 – Edward Marx, CEO, Marx Advisory Editor
  • 8/16 – Shankar Somasundaram, CEO and Founder, Asimily
  • 8/23 – Adam Turinas, CEO and Founder, healthlaunchpad
  • 8/30 – Paul Connelly, Former CISO, HCA Healthcare
  • 9/6 – Robert Scoble, Founder of Scobleizer Inc., an Augmented/Virtual Reality technologist, author, and futurist

The Risk Never Sleeps Podcast is delivered in partnership with Censinet and Outcomes Rocket. The Risk Never Sleeps Podcast cast opening theme song Bus without Brakes is provided by Del Piombo.

For more information about the Risk Never Sleeps podcast and to check published and upcoming episodes throughout the year, please visit:

About Censinet

Censinet®, based in Boston, MA, takes the risk out of healthcare with Censinet RiskOps, the industry’s first and only cloud-based risk exchange of healthcare organizations working together to manage and mitigate cyber risk. Purpose-built for healthcare, Censinet RiskOpsTM delivers total automation across all third party and enterprise risk management workflows and best practices. Censinet transforms cyber risk management by leveraging network scale and efficiencies, providing actionable insight, and improving overall operational effectiveness while eliminating risks to patient safety, data, and care delivery. Censinet is an American Hospital Association (AHA) Preferred Cybersecurity Provider. Find out more about Censinet and its RiskOps platform at

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