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Censinet Delivers Industry’s First Cloud-based Enterprise Risk Module for the HIPAA Security Rule

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New Product Capability Enables Organizations to Leverage Automated Action Plans with Remediation Tracking to Efficiently Assess and Maintain System-Wide HIPAA Compliance

BOSTON, MA – JULY 11, 2023 – Censinet, the leading provider of healthcare risk management solutions, today announced delivery of a new enterprise risk module for the HIPAA Security Rule. The new offering is industry’s first solution that enables healthcare organizations to leverage automated workflows and action plans within a collaborative, cloud-based environment to assess threats, remediate risks, and maintain compliance with the HIPAA Security Standards for the Protection of Electronic Protected Health Information (HIPAA Security Rule). Censinet’s HIPAA Security Rule enterprise risk module enables covered entities and business associates to more efficiently measure and improve enterprise-wide compliance with the administrative, physical, and technical safeguards set forth under the HIPAA Security Rule.

“Censinet is delighted to further enhance its enterprise risk offerings and make it easier to strengthen organization-wide compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule,” said Ed Gaudet, CEO and Founder at Censinet. “Unlike existing SRA tools, this capability enables organizations to leverage a cloud-based platform and unique risk automation to make the entire security risk assessment process more efficient, collaborative, and ultimately more effective at protecting patient data from advanced cyber threats.”

The Censinet HIPAA Security Rule enterprise risk module significantly improves upon currently available SRA tools by delivering unique features and functionality to drive more efficient and effective enterprise risk assessment and remediation for HIPAA compliance, including:

  • Automated Action Plans generate findings and recommended remediations based on questionnaire responses to target specific gaps in compliance across the Security Rule’s standards and safeguards
  • Remediation assignment to subject matter experts (SMEs) with in-platform tracking to accelerate system-wide visibility, review, and closure of compliance gaps
  • Evidence upload and centralized storage to support questionnaire responses – e.g., documentation, policies, handbooks, training materials, and certifications
  • Summary reporting with compliance levels across all HIPAA Security Rule categories, including enterprise roll-up functionality that aggregates responses and compliance levels for each part of the organization (e.g., each hospital, clinic, and practice)

Enforced by HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR), the HIPAA Security Rule requires both covered entities and business associates to conduct periodic Security Risk Assessments (SRA) to ensure the organization is compliant with the Rule’s administrative, physical, and technical safeguards, and identify where ePHI could potentially be at risk.

“Censinet’s HIPAA Security Rule assessment makes it significantly easier to assess compliance with the Rule’s broad set of standards across the enterprise,” said Matt Christensen, Director, Cybersecurity at Intermountain Health. “Censinet unlocks meaningful collaboration, accountability, and reporting across our entire health system to ensure all parts of the organizations are meeting obligations under the Rule.”

Censinet HIPAA Security Rule enterprise risk module is available now as a stand-alone solution, or as part of the Censinet Enterprise Risk Management bundle, which includes support for the HIPAA Security Rule, NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), and the HHS 405(d) Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP), all of which contain automated action plans with remediation tracking, SME assignment, built-in evidence capture, and summary reporting. Please contact for more information.

About Censinet

Censinet®, based in Boston, MA, takes the risk out of healthcare with Censinet RiskOps, the industry’s first and only cloud-based risk exchange of healthcare organizations working together to manage and mitigate cyber risk. Purpose-built for healthcare, Censinet RiskOpsTM delivers total automation across all third party and enterprise risk management workflows and best practices. Censinet transforms cyber risk management by leveraging network scale and efficiencies, providing actionable insight, and improving overall operational effectiveness while eliminating risks to patient safety, data, and care delivery. Censinet is an American Hospital Association (AHA) Preferred Cybersecurity Provider. Find out more about Censinet and its RiskOps platform at

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