KLAS, a healthcare research and insights firm, and Censinet, the leading provider of healthcare IT risk solutions, are strategic partners on a joint mission to improve cybersecurity preparedness in healthcare. Recently, the companies announced a strategic plan to modernize cybersecurity in healthcare. This new initiative builds upon the recent Presidential Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity and the partnership between the companies last year to help healthcare IT vendors and services firms improve their overall risk and security profile by driving greater trust and transparency to thousands of healthcare providers.

Since the announcement of their partnership in December 2020, KLAS and Censinet have assessed and rated more than 130 healthcare products on the Censinet RiskOps platform.  The newly announced “Cybersecurity Transparent” designation sets the standard of excellence for cloud, software, hardware, medical devices, and services firms. For vendors, “Cybersecurity Transparent” demonstrates a willingness to share and continually improve their risk posture and overall cybersecurity maturity. This program is offered to vendors free of charge. Healthcare provider and payer organizations can expect an extraordinary level of commitment and partnership from participating vendors to improve patient care safely and securely.

In addition, the KLAS and Censinet Strategic Plan to Help Modernize Healthcare Cybersecurity applies key tenets of the Executive Order to the healthcare sector and addresses the following core areas:

  • Enabling Cybersecurity Preparedness Transparency and Information Sharing
  • Implementing Stronger Cybersecurity Standards
  • Improving Software Supply Chain Security
  • Standardizing Playbooks for Vulnerability Detection and Incident Response
  • Developing and Enforcing Remediation Plans Uniformly and Consistently

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‘Cybersecurity Transparency’ ratings for Healthcare

KLAS partnered with Censinet to provide industry-wide, first-look” ‘Cybersecurity Transparency’ preparedness ratings for vendor products evaluated by KLAS in the health care space. Censinet built the healthcare industry’s only intelligent risk network, which drives market-leading expertise in vendor product risk assessment and automation that allows information to be collected and disseminated at scale.  Censinet was selected as part of a competitive RFP based on their unique set of assessment and automation capabilities, as well as strong references from existing customers and partners.

The KLAS and Censinet partnership helps healthcare IT vendors and services firms improve their overall risk and security profile and provide greater transparency to thousands of healthcare providers. As part of the agreement, KLAS, which has conducted deep research and analysis on more than 900 healthcare IT products and services, introduced a new Cybersecurity Readiness Assessment.

The partnership also includes collaborative research, insight sharing, special report access, and cybersecurity best practices, arming healthcare decision-makers with vital information to improve their cybersecurity posture and ultimately, foster a more secure and productive healthcare ecosystem.

KLAS brings expertise in measuring and reporting on vendor and solution performance.  They are deep with providers – including CISOs – and understand their needs, successes, and failures.  Censinet brings expertise in assessing cyber-security preparedness and workflow automation that allows for industry-wide participation at a product level in a cost-effective manner.

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There’s Much More on Its Way

This is just a start. KLAS and Censinet would love to hear from you and learn more about your cybersecurity requirements for healthcare. If you’re a provider, payers, vendor, services partner, or an interested party, we’ll keep you up-to-date on our collective mission and Plan to Help Modernize Healthcare Cybersecurity.

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