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Best in KLAS 2022

With much fanfare in the healthcare industry, KLAS Research released its 2022 Best in KLAS report. This yearly report “recognizes software and services companies who excel in helping healthcare professionals improve patient care. All rankings are a direct result of the feedback of thousands of providers over the last year. A Best in KLAS award signifies to the healthcare IT industry the commitment and partnership that the top vendors should provide.” For those of us who serve the healthcare industry, it’s wonderful to collectively celebrate innovative products and services, especially those that increase cybersecurity protection and enhance the patient care journey.

Best in KLAS Image with Censinet Rating

But this year, there was something extra in the Best in KLAS report: a column labeled “Censinet assessment.” In addition to the Customer Experience Pillars of Culture, Loyalty, Operations, Product, Relationship, and Value, KLAS wanted to highlight those organizations who stood up and did a risk assessment with Censinet. Why? Because cybersecurity is no longer an option in healthcare because now, more than ever, any threat has the potential to not only expose critical information but also to disrupt patient care. And we saw the catastrophic results of ransomware on patient mortality rates in our 2021 market survey.

It’s been more than a year since we established a partnership with KLAS to help strengthen the cybersecurity posture of the healthcare industry. It was a bold move, but since then, hundreds of companies have voluntarily worked with Censinet and KLAS to improve and highlight their cybersecurity position. They know what’s at stake and so do the healthcare providers they serve. It’s a rigorous and thorough risk assessment process covering:

  • Network Security
  • Data Protection
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Threat and Incident Response
  • Legal and Regulatory
  • Resiliency

Cybersecurity Transparent Measured Badge 2021

This year, we’re expanding our “Cybersecurity Transparent” program with KLAS, and we look forward to helping even more companies get the thumbs up when they offer their cyber-secure products or services to healthcare providers. Expect even more Best in KLAS companies to continue driving this trend. Are you interested in getting started? We can help. Simply click here, tell us a bit about you, and we’ll get you going. Headed to Vive or HIMSS? Let’s meet up. Send me an email at

Rob Ciampa
Censinet CMO

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